4 Tips for Starting a Children’s Ministry in a New Church

I’m sure you’ve seen that church plants are becoming very common and since there is so much to do, often the children’s ministry is brushed under the rug. However, if you are living in Willis, TX and have just started a new church, here are a few things that you can do to start kids ministries willis tx.

First of all, children’s ministry should be a priority. Believe it or not, children have an amazing desire and potential to learn about Jesus and they need somewhere that will invest in them spiritually. Make sure that you take the time to discuss with your staff regarding the importance of children’s ministry and begin to consider the budget, resources, and space available. Then, together, everyone should create a mission statement regarding the reason for your children’s ministry. After all, if it’s important to your staff, it will be important to your congregation as well.

Once you have gotten your staff on board, you must start looking for some volunteers- which can often be a challenge. Think about going before the church as a whole and asking about setting up a rotation where the volunteers will still have the opportunity to attend worship services sometimes. In most cases, parents do understand that children’s ministry is important and will be likely to volunteer. Make sure that you take the time to run background checks on all of your volunteers and lay out your expectations.

Now, it’s time to choose the path you will take and consider what you want your children’s ministry to look like. You need to consider whether you want to have large groups or small groups. You might want to consider dividing them by age because what’s appropriate for a 6th grader is not necessarily appropriate for a 6 year old. You should be using your mission statement to help you develop an outline. Make sure that you take the time to pray about spiritual direction and finding good curriculum.

Finally, when you’re ready, you can start connecting with your families at times besides Sunday mornings. After all, this is going to be the best way for you to increase support and begin to disciple the children. It doesn’t have to be a major event- host a cookout or take a trip to the local skating rink/bowling alley. Get the whole staff to join in and use it as a chance to reach out to the community.

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Keeping things educational on the playground is important

Kids need to play. In fact, they need to play for most of their waking hours. We also have a new saying: Children should be seen and heard. Fortunately, most Ohio kids get to play as is their right. What we are also pushing for is a drive towards playground equipment Dayton OH that is inherently educational and good for developing minds. Fortunately, where most games are concerned, this is easy to accomplish. Parents, on the other hand, should not forget their own developmental needs.

Because, believe it or not, adults also need to play every once in a while. It is quite healthy to be taking a break and amusing the mind in a relaxing manner after a long, hard week at work. The toys that adults use should also be educational. It helps to keep the mind preoccupied and also helps steer it away from the things that caused them to stress during the week. So, where both children and adults are concerned, it is a good idea to keep things educational on their respective playgrounds.

Just think of the many opportunities that abound across Dayton, Central, Southwestern and Southeastern Ohio. Don’t forget Northern Kentucky and Central and Eastern Indiana either. All across these regions, kids and folks are playing and being educated and keeping themselves well occupied with constructive and amusing games. To make all these gaming opportunities a reality come the tools of the trade.

A well laid pool table sets the men up for another skillful and thinking challenge. A retreat comes to life with all the right game tables in place. Kids love their play sets, so play sets they shall have. And when all the hard work of playing is done, there’s nothing better than a hot tub or spa bath.

Are Cremations Actually Affordable?

There are a lot of questions that come up when you start to look at everything related to what happens after you pass away. Since there are so many different things that you have to think about and consider, it can be really overwhelming to look at the details and see what can be done in those cases. That being said, did you know that there are options for affordable cremations Clearwater that aren’t going to cause your family a financial burden or additional stress in the long run? Many people don’t realize that this can be a great option for a lot of people.

You may have heard that cremations were cheaper, but why do they cost less? First off, you don’t have to buy as large of a plot as you would have otherwise. Another thing is the fact that you’re not going to have to buy a casket, either. An urn ends up being a lot cheaper than some of the other things that you may want to purchase while you’re out and about. Not only that, but you get the opportunity to see what you can do and how you want to move ahead with your burial.

All in all, there are a lot of things that you need to think about when it comes to your end of life decisions, and you want to make sure that you take a close look at all of those options so that you can feel confident in the choices that you make. There are a lot of things that you can do in order to achieve your goals and get things in order, but looking at those options ahead of time will allow your family to grieve instead of having to sort it all out.

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Reasons to Play Mini Golf

Even if you aren’t a fan of golf, mini-golf is an exciting hobby that is sure to fill you with excitement. Mini-golf is enjoyed by men and women of all ages, and of course kids love to play just as much. Take a look at some of the reasons to find some of the mini-golf courses Naperville has available and start playing today.


Mini golf is a great way to get exercise. It is not a physical sport, although it does require a lot of walking, swinging of the club, etc. It is said that one game of mini-golf can burn as many as 3,000 calories!

Improve your Mind

Playing mini-golf is a lot of fun but it also works to improve your mind. You will use minimal math skills as you play and of course need to make multiple decisions along the way. It is nice to have a fun hobby that also keeps your mind sharp.


There is nothing wrong with a bit of competition now and again. It makes you feel good inside. You will be happy to know that mini golf is a very challenging sport that pushes your limits and helps you become your very best.

Great Socialization Opps

It is great to bring your friends and family along for an awesome game of mini- golf. All too often we don’t have time to spend with the ones that we love the most. This is a great way to get some quality time with each other while also having awesome fun.

Final Thoughts

With so many awesome mini-golf courses Naperville, finding a place to enjoy this awesome sport isn’t difficult. There are so many reasons why mini golf is a fun sport for you to enjoy. Why wait any longer? Now is the time to get in on the fun!

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How much does adoption cost?

Adoption is an awesome way to help a child that needs a family and to provide yourself with the chance to become a parent. There is nothing in the world like being a parent and when you adopt, it is even more rewarding . Once you find an adoption agency in Murrieta CA, you are probably wondering how much it costs to adopt as well as the length of time it should take for you to adopt. Let’s examine.

Cost of Adoption

Adoption costs different fees and a number of factors affect that rate. The agency that you use for the adoption is one of the biggest factors of cost, but not the lone decision. Other factors include the location of adoption, type of adopting, and more.

How long does it take to adopt?

Just as there are a number of factors that affect the cost of the adoption, there are also a number of them that also influence the length of time that it will take for you to adopt. From the time that you complete the paperwork and application for adoption until the day that you take a child home is dependent upon factors such as;

  • Age of the child that you wish to adopt
  • Nationality of the child
  • Health problems of the child

On average it take approximately 18 months from start to finish for an adoption to be completed. Sometimes it takes much longer than this period of time and sometimes it takes less. Again, there are many factors that affect this answer.

It is best to talk to the adoption agency to learn accurate answers concerning the cost of the adoption and the length of time that it will take. One thing is for sure; at the end of the day, it is all worth it.

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The motivational challenge for kids

These days it seems getting kids outside to play sports or participate in other activities is nearly impossible. Thanks to computes, iPhones an all of the other great technology, kids are spending more time on these activities and less time doing the things that their body needs to help them grow into health adults. It is for this reason that the Banner GO Kids program was created. This is a motivational program that encourages children and their families to get out there and enjoy life as it was meant to be enjoyed. There are many challenges along the way and some pretty nice rewards once you complete the challenge. It doesn’t matter who you are or the ages of your children, this is an awesome challenge that is worth your time.

Not only do children have the chance to participate in fun activities with the banner program, they also learn. There is so much information waiting for your child to learn. This information guides them in the right direction to make healthier choices in life. With this information your child will not only want to get out there and enjoy fitness, but will understand why he or she should.

Sure, those video games are lots of fun and the internet has so much to explore but there is nothing better than the great outdoors and physical activity. Make sure that you and your family sign up for this awesome challenge an make physical fun a part of your everyday life. It is one of the best ways to get your child up and active and a great chance to bond with them, too. This is a challenge that is fun and exciting for all, with no cost to join. Are you ready to join in on the fun?

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Five Reasons to Visit the Zoo

Visiting the zoo or experiencing a safari is one of the best trips you can make as a family. Zoos are great for taking little children, especially if they do not have much experience with animals. Here are five reasons why a trip to the zoo makes for an exciting family adventure.

  1. It is a Lot of Fun

Going to the zoo with young children who have not seen these animals before is an incredible experience. They have a great time with the sights and sounds, while you have fun knowing that your kids are in a happy place.

  1. Informative

These trips are not just a lot of fun, but they also provide kids with important learning experiences. It is one thing to read about these animals in a book or watch them on TV, but it is entirely different seeing them in person. When kids are excited, they also pick up a lot more information. You will be surprised at how much your kids can learn about these animals from a trip to the zoo.

  1. Safaris are the Truest Experience

While going to the zoo is also a fantastic trip, attending a safari is on a whole other level. Safaris allow you to travel through the natural environment of these animals, seeing how they live, hunt and spend their days.

  1. Passions Run High

Many young children are very passionate about animals, especially ones they have not seen before. They are thrilled to see the different colors, learn about these animals’ lifestyles and understand how they all fit into the natural ecosystem.

  1. Make Great Memories

Visiting a zoo or safari is an experience you can talk about for many years to come. It is the kind of trip that creates a bond between you and your children. They will always remember the fun they had and the things they learned, while also knowing it was their parents who gave them that opportunity.

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Reasons to adopt a baby

Adoption provides the chance for an individual to welcome a child into their home who needs a family. The child becomes your own and you enjoy one of the most rewarding jobs in the world –being a parent. Adoption has a number of perks. It is in your best interest to take a look at all of the adoption options available to you, as well as the perks. It may very well be something that you wish to consider.

Reasons to adopt

There are many reasons to adopt a child. This includes the reasons listed below;

  • You are unable to conceive a child on your own. Infertility issues affect many couples, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot still become a loving and wonderful parent to a child that needs you.
  • Children who are placed for adoption are ‘in the system.’ They do not have their own families. When you adopt, you are making dreams come true because every child deserves to experience the love, compassion and the closeness that comes with family ties and family bonds.
  • Parenthood is a rewarding experience. There are truly no words to describe how amazing it is to hear a child call you dad or mom. When you adopt, this is something that you will be able to experience.
  • As an adoptive parent, you are helping a birth parent with an extremely difficult time in their life. They are unable to care for their child for one reason or another, but this doesn’t mean they love the child any less. It simply means they are unable to provide the best for them. It is not an easy choice but it is nice to know that there are parents there that will take care of the child and provide the child the things the birth parent cannot.
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An unforgettable performance

No one wants to sit around watching movies at home all of the time. When you are searching for something to entertain your time, the options are numerous. There are always great museums for you to visit, plus art galleries, zoos, clubs, and more. But there is one adventure that stands above the rest and that is a live musical performance. Enjoying live music is one of those simple pleasures in life that you will never forget. It is in your best interest to make such performances a part of your everyday life.

Although some people assume that arts is not something they’ll enjoy, these performances prove that there is something for everyone. No matter what you like or what your interests, there is a performance that will spark your desire and ignite your mind. There is certainly a show or everyone and a good chance more than a few that you will want to enjoy.

While there are many other things that you could be doing instead of enjoying this performance, there is nothing better for you to do. When you watch these performances you see true talent at its best. You find awe and inspiration and sometimes even dedication. It intrigues your mind and feels your heart with something you’ve never felt before. Simply put it is quite amazing.

Why not make it a family event? There is no better way to spend time  with the family than by enjoying a performance. There is something in it for everyone, even the kids. Of course you can also enjoy the performances with your spouse, other family members, or your closest friends. As long as you are enjoying it, it really doesn’t matter who is there with you.

These are some of the reasons not to miss the awesome performances coming to you. Are you ready for the fun?

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A good funeral resting place is where many a heart has been

Would it astound you if we told you that, understandably, many folks still find it difficult to deal with the pain of losing a lost one, misconceived into thinking that once they see their old familiar friend or loved one no more, both they and the one they lost, are doomed. Harsh as this may seem, many do not believe that once the body has died, the human soul lives on, not just for all eternity, but for each and every one of those that once had a special bond with it in the living flesh.

Now, a top funeral home serves a very good and humane purpose. It is never deceptive in its own appearances, but is designed to serve the needs of those who have come to pay their last respects to the one that has left them. Sensitively arranged in accordance with the needs of those who need to mourn for a while, a resting place fit for a king or queen is recreated. Those who wish to indulge themselves in one last physical glance are also afforded the opportunity to see their old friend looking his or her best.

Nevertheless, with goodness in their own hearts and punctual to the needs of those who are saying good-bye the funeral home’s hosts and hostesses are always amenable. Gone are the days of an utterly morbid ambience. Their parlors reflect how the one that left lived his or her life and how those whom the deceased suddenly left would best love to remember him or her.

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